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Before the 18th century, porcelain manufacture was the preserve of the Far East. British potters had been fascinated by the material for many years and had spent much time trying to develop porcelain formulas.

In the mid 1700s Dr John Wall, an eminent physician, and an apothecary, William Davis, began experimenting with materials and processes with the aim of producing a porcelain recipe. After their success, they secured funding from 13 other local business men to open a factory in Worcester. Then in 1751 the first Worcester porcelain factory was established.

After securing Royal Warrants the company became known as Royal Worcester in the late 1700s. Manufacturing extremely high quality wares, Royal Worcester quickly became synonymous with high end porcelain pieces and successfully produced prestigious items for the upper classes. 

Throughout its rich history Royal Worcester has had strong associations with art and artists. Often an artist would be employed to decorate the prestigious items Royal Worcester had created. Today the stunning Painted Fruit collection is hand painted by an artist and etched with gold. Following the acquisition of Royal Worcester, Portmeirion Group is committed to the development of this great British brand building on product ranges old and new.

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