Setting the Perfect Afternoon Tea

Valentine’s Day is an occasion to show your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, and even friends, how much you appreciate them. So, why not spoil them with a thoughtful, personal gift or plan a special something?

As our Valentine’s Day gift to you, let us provide you with a little gifting inspiration to make your loved one smile from ear to ear.

Valentine’s Day gifts

Made from beautiful fine bone china, our exclusive Royal Worcester Wrendale Designs Valentine’s Day mug is the perfect option for a little something that has an extra special touch.

With the words ‘You Are My Valentine’ written on the inside and two adorable snuggling owls on the outside, give your other half a gift that they will cherish, always.

If you're looking for something a little more fancy, take a look at our new Lead Crystal Glass collection. Each piece is hand-cut by artisans and refracts light beautifully to create a shimmering sparkle. Choose from a selection of vases, champagne flutes for the perfect Valentine's Day gift.

Valentine’s Day ideas

Couples up and down the UK will be celebrating Valentine’s Day in their own memorable way. If grand gestures aren’t for you, here’s our top tips on how to have a stylish evening in the comfort of your own home, where a little effort goes a long way.

1. Plan your menu and decide on your food choices together. Why not go for the full three-course?
2. Be sure to make a list of groceries you need, and prepare your ingredients before Valentine’s Day, so it’s not a rush after a long day at work.
3. Dress up or dress down, however you feel the most comfortable in your own home!
4. Cook your meal together, it’s part of the fun! Share the experience and catch up on your day and engage in meaningful conversation whilst cooking up a storm.
5. Set the table using our Serendipity Platinum collection for a touch of class. Sophisticated tableware can really help make the evening even more divine.
6. Choose your favourite music together. How about choosing songs that evoke a sense of nostalgia so you can relive those special times throughout your relationship?
7. Light some candles to create a romantic setting.
8. Swap gifts, including your Royal Worcester Wrendale Designs personalised mug. Remember, a gift doesn’t have to be expensive, but a little tailored token of your love can go a long way.
9. Don’t worry about the washing up and cleaning just yet. Take the time to relish each other’s company and make the most of spending quality time together.